Production and sale of meat products is a very big responsibility. Therefore, we strictly follow all sanitary standards and safety regulations. All inspections, which took place during the years confirm our commitment to the highest standards of production.

Moreover, we submit all the products to periodically detailed laboratory tests, that their quality has always remained at the highest level.



Frozen whole hen

offered in 10 kg package, standard carton
or calibrated and packed individually in
a sack and cardboard, frozen to -18 ° C 


Breast fillet

packed in 15 kg standard polipackage, frozen
without foil, sealed, on request
packed in a cardboard box, frozen to -18 ° C 


Leg meat

without skin and bones, packed in 10 kg
polipackage, frozen without foil wrapped
in a blue plastic bag, frozen to -18 ° C 


Hen wings

packed in standard 10 kg package,
Class A, white cardboard,
frozen to -18 ° C


Hen leg quarters 

standard white carton 10 kg,
frozen to -18 ºC